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sammy105's Journal

Sam Kigelman
8 September
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"Are you gangsters?"
"No, we are Russians!"
Hehe. Now that we know I'm Sam, the Sam and noone trying to pretend to be one, let me introduce myself:
I'm 19, I'm currently living and going to school in the University of Wisconsin, Superior. I'm also a freshman, and have just changed my major from Marketing to undecided. Although, what I really want to do is be a movie director. But that's my most long-term plan. For now, my life is simply: sleep, shower, sleep more in class, sleep more after class, drink and party, drink some more, study/daydream, drive somewhere, stay up late, sleep...
Sounds like fun, eh?
It is. Ask any college student; or just your own better judgement.
Well, that's about it for now. I do miss all my friends from the Twin Cities, and hope to move back when my grades are good and there's nothing left here to explore, which won't take too long (hehe). Well, thanks for showing interest in my messed-up life! Feel free to email or IM me. I find no topic boring, except ad's and chain letters. Thanks!
Sam Kigelman