Sam Kigelman (sammy105) wrote,
Sam Kigelman

Too sleepy to come up with one

I usually either have nothing to say or don't know what's got the potential as a good entry. But what the hey. Pisat tak pisat. Someone smart probably said it somewhere sometime.
Anyways, I just got back from Vegas. It was fun, but really expensive. I lost $60, but one of my co-tippers lost $800. Apparently you don't really know how much money someone has 'till you take them to Vegas to play poker, preferrably to a nice casino where the waiter comes by a lot. So they get hooked on all the free drinks and don't leave till they feel like they're going bankrupt, hehe.
But if you go, don't ever leave 'till you see at least one show, the kind you won't find anywhere else. I don't necessarily mean Showgirls, but something you have to buy a ticket for. More than the Bellagio fountain; just watch Ocean's 11.
I guess the best thing about it is that every hotel, mall, etc. is made to look like museums. It's a good place to be, just not in late summer; and not with hundreds of dollars in your pocket you wish to last you for a few days for more than gambling.
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