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X-tina Aguilera... gays... I'm going smwhere with this :)

It's time to make a journal entry, for sure. What inspired it were some... comments I get on Youtube simply... for expressing my opinion. I'm still curious... how our society came to people being unable to hold a simple debate on a controversial issue. You get called r*****, a******, what have you. I know I could tell them off, but... when a simple conv-tion turns into a cussing match, I start to wonder how much of it was my fault, makes you a bit self conscious; at least that's how I feel.
My point was... that Aguilera's song Beautiful is misleading, that you can't... keep telling everyone they're beautiful, 'cause... they're not. Even beautiful people have someone out there who thinks different.
This happened to me once: an old neighbor of mine in Superior WI, lived a room away, stopped by my room with two friends. They weren't attractive, let's say that. She comes up to me, and says, "we're going bowling; these are my friends, aren't they hot?" It was... so sudden, so unexpected, that I froze. What the f do I say... :) I say a very vague, "yup." Is it over? Nah. She says, "That wasn't very reassuring, Sam." Imagine that. The girls get what situation I'm in, they don't know what to do either. What happened next I don't remember, I think I just said 'have fun now,' and closed my door to end it.
So now I ask, does this mean that the importance of being attractive and being told that is overblown lately? Or what has possessed this girl to act that way.
In the video Beautiful, there were gay guys kissing. I can watch that, just not enjoy it, except that they... decided to zoom in on them, hehe. I thought that was too much for an Aguilera video, 'cause her viewers are mostly straight guys expecting a lot of sex appeal. And suddenly there's a closeup of a gay kiss. That's a different issue, just... came up in the discussions that followed. Maybe my mistake was bringing that up on Youtube, I don't know.
Honestly, I used to think people come to YouTube to exchange ideas. Seems now, a lot of it is letting off steam :(. It's hard not to answer when you're suddenly called names, but I'm working on it.
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