Sam Kigelman (sammy105) wrote,
Sam Kigelman

Sammy's back... back again

Guess it's time for another journal. Must write journal... cyber clowns will eat me...
Anyway, the summer went by fast, and at same time, painfully slow. I have nothing to show, really, except a couple poems and a story or two. When don't know what to do with your life, might as well turn to writing, poetry, etc.
I'm also starting to realize standard college ain't for everyone... at least, standard 4 years of it. Gotta choose own path.
Anyway, here's a lil something:

Petals of the rose
All landed on her face
She looked at me, and spoke
So daunt, yet full of grace:
"I really do adore you
On such a lousy day;
No wrath shall come between us,
Shall God's decision stay..."

Somehow, this one got recognized... though I think it's far from my best work.
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