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Scary story

Ok, this is my first and only attempt at horror. It's called "The creaking door". It kind of messes with me when I reread it, even, since it's so short and a lot of htings happen on the 2 pages. But can't say it'll scare anyone else, maybe you'll laugh instead, who knows. This was written months ago for a contest I didn't win :(. Anyway, I don't know how to do the damn link on this site, so here's the address:

There's also this scifi story called "The desert of Meridia" which wasn't too bad, I think, but probably deserves a book in-and-of-itself. I just went after the idea and made a short story out of it:

Wish I could write an entry, too, but I haven't been doing anything at all lately except keep up on a news story that reminded me greatly of my book. Here it is, write a comment on this site if you wish:
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