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Book release, etc

Think it's time for my rare journal entry. Strangely I can write a book, but a short journal seems too difficult most of the time. How you guys do it all the time... *shrugs

So yeah, my crazy little book's out on, finally, after about two years, I think. It's priced fairly, I think, at 11.50, and 11.93 on retail sites where it comes out in a bit over a week. What was more unexpected is that I've had B&N agree to get a few copies already, in Duluth, so seems like this isn't a completely dead-end trip. Might be worth it if you have a book in mind.

The difference, I can see now, in independent books is that they're not made to please a variety of people and backgrounds to make companies millions, but rather stick to general message and topic the author wanted to express in the first place. The main thing that the giants pull off better are the "standing-out" letters on the cover and the endless praises by highly paid critics. Oh, well. Does that really tell you the book's good? Or maybe they say the same damn thing about each one... makes ya wonder.

And I have my own room now, for once. But my computer won't start, so there's not much to do in the house now but watch TV... or watch roommates smoke pot... neither is especially fun, really. A big screen TV soon starts getting smaller. Guess living on campus wasn't really so bad.

Ok, back to "studying".
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