Sam Kigelman (sammy105) wrote,
Sam Kigelman

New poem

I just remembered I wrote another poem for a fanstory contest. My aunt liked it, but the ending. So, it's called "Nostalgia Park":

Brown leaves have fallen on the ground,
Mixing with the splendor of the night.
Cold night air was freezing all around,
And the moon was shining yet so bright.

Lonely was it later in the evening,
In that very solemn Autumn day.
Jack had come around to see the nature
Bring the beauty forth, then fade away.

Sitting on a bench among the leaves
Jack had glanced around the sleeping park.
It was here, he pondered, by the trees,
He would have a picnic in the dark.

He remembered coming down with Sally,
Bringing by a bag of bread and fruit,
Shivering together in the darkness,
Whispering their jokes and their news.

Getting off the bench he breathed in deeply,
Turned away to leave the quietened night.
Readily he left the lonely benches,
To his cozy house and loving wife.

There it is. Btw, Kharam, you can also enter contests here, and publish things to get reviewed for $6/month if you were up for it. Your poems I think have a better chance at the $100 gift card. :)
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