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Suuure been a while... Don't know if anyone still follows me here :$. Life has a way to teach people lessons. For me... one has been - not to obsess with... well, celebrities, people with money and fame. I realize now that... fame and money doesn't come close to mending people into good.
Twitter ain't a bad thing, however; makes it easy to get in touch with people you never thought was possible. But I understand Lewis Black's rage when he talked about Twitter/Facebook status updating in his standup: "I'm trying on shoes in a dept store... First of all, who the f get you the idea I even care? And if you're typing that right now - you're not, f-ing, tryin' on new shoes! And if you're Twittering... f*** you!" That's almost exactly what he said :D.
I now find myself letting Mr Black down. But I disagree w/him; being able to share your life with people you'd otherwise never hear from or see ain't a bad thing. Even if this so-called Facebook depression is a real thing (hasn't hit me like it has others, though).
So, hope everyone still signed up to me is doin' well. Peace out!
Tags: facebook, lewis black, twitter
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