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Damn Nabisco ads......

Hello everyone,
This... is another of my weird sides, but I had to share it.
Did anyone else get kind of... upset at those choc chip cookie commercials where the cookies are singing, driving, etc, then get grabbed by a giant hand and eaten? I damn near cried. Why breathe life into a object... and then show it being taken away from it? Where's the humor, for real. It's very dark humor, and if kids watching it don't understand that, they turn slightly.... sadistic, I'm afraid to say. Ads like these negatively affect kids' psychic these days, and I'll gladly do research to prove why someday.
I'd rather back up brainless shows on Adult Swim, though that's arguable, and have my kids, if I ever have any, laugh at dumb jokes, than at the essence of what the cookie commercials stand for. If you show a cookie alive... for goodness sakes, keep it in a separate world where cookies stay alive, don't make a disturbing mix out of it.
I'm sorry if I ruined that commercial for anyone, but the pain I felt during it I didn't like keeping inside, maybe I'm not alone.
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