Sam Kigelman (sammy105) wrote,
Sam Kigelman

movie star

Hello world, I'm still alive!! *listens to echo go for miles, unreturned*
Heh. Thought that was funny. Anyway, I'm starring in my friend's experimental movie in college. We all have no dialogues, it'll be a scene by scene motion with music, I think. I was given a 30's outfit including some pink-striped pants. There's a Vintage store in Duluth, turns out, that sells vintage clothes, so they let him borrow some for free. We have a video showcase every year with original films like that; bet the UofM's got one, too, probably to a greater capacity than ours.
And one more thing: I wrote a new poem, here it is:

The sun has just began to fade,
The darkness soon to come!
With that, the endless joyous fun
That Halloween brings on.

With empty bags and watering tongues
We file the empty streets,
We dress like a wandering modern crusade,
And storm the sleepy town.

From goblins to demons, from mermaids to sharks,
The list goes on and on,
The various costumes and masks that we wear
Convey us what we really are.

We put on an image of something, or someone
In a scary and frightening way
To shock all our neighbors and prove to ourselves
That we really deserve our fun.

With screaming and colors, excitement and fear,
The fabulous day comes to end;
With that, all the candy and laugher and peace
Makes us wish we were young again.
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